William Harris

???? - 1826


Owner of Acklyne estate in Berbice in 1817 (when he was probably already an absentee), dying in London c. 1826.

  1. Advertisement for creditors of William Harris, formerly of the Colony of Berbice but late of Gloucester Street Queen Square in Middlesex (who died in or about June 1826).

  2. Will of William Harris widower and planter of 17 Gloucester Street Queen Square Middlesex proved 06/07/1827. William Harris of the colony of Berbice..but residing at 17 Gloucester Street' had appeared 23/07/1819 before Arend Jacob Guitard (q.v.) to make his will. He left £200 to his 'beloved son' William James Harris of Berbice for the purpose of instructing him in some mechanical or other useful branch of trade; William James Harris was to be manumitted and sent to England at the expense of the estate. William Harris' sister Sarah Harris spinster was to receive an annuity of £60 p.a., to be increased by £40 p.a. if she survived William Adams Harris, the main legatee.

  3. William Adams Harris was baptised or 'received' at St George the Martyr in Queen Square 27/04/1815, son of William ('merchant') and Thomasin Bonnett Harris of Gloucester Street. A note says: 'Said to have been born 17/12/1804 in Demerary and soon after baptized there.' [A very similar entry follows immediately for William John, son of Thomas ('planter') and Oriana Lawrance [sic] also of Gloucester Street. ('said to have been born about March 1806 in Demerary'): this is Oriana Watson (q.v.) later wife of Richard Watson q.v.].


  1. London Gazette 18508 26/09/1828 p. 1777.

  2. PROB 11/1728/95.

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Thomassin Bonnett
William James; William Adams

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17 Gloucester Street, Queens Square, London, Middlesex, London, England