Thomas Reid the younger

???? - 1798


Resident slave-owner in Jamaica. His estate Belvidere appears to have been indebted: the annuity he left his wife remained unpaid, she said in 1811.

  1. 1816, Aug. 29. Indenture between George Lawrence of Montagu Place, co. Middx., esq., and Sarah Brissett Lawrence his wife of the one part; George Reid the Younger of L., esq., of the other. Whereas Thomas Reid the Younger late of Belvidere plantation in the parish of Hanover, J'ca, esq., deceased, by his will dated 24 Aug. 1798 gave his estate called Belvidere of 1350 acres to Trustees and £1000 to the said George Lawrence, and £5000 to be paid at the death of his wife as she should appoint, and gave one moiety of all residue to his nephew Samuel Wells Thompson and his heirs and in default to James Lawrence, George L., Charles L., Henry L., and Fred L. (the sons of his friend Richard J. Lawrence) and others, and testator died 10 Dec. 1798 and Eliz. Reid his wife died and made her will in Aug. 1804 [sic; Elizabeth Reid in fact made her will and died in 1811] and gave the said George L. £200, now George L. agrees to sell to George Reid his 1/7 (? reversionary) share of Belvidere and the right to the legacy of £200 for the sum of £800. Signed by Geo. L. and his wife. Sealed with Crest: A hind's or greyhound's head couped."


  1. [accessed 02/11/2018]. His nephew given in the will as Samuel Wells Thompson was Rev. Samuel Wells Thomson, son of David Thomson of Hanover Jamaica, who matriculated Christ Church Oxford in 1800 and died in 1812, Oxford University Alumni 1500-1886 [databases online].

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1799 [EA] - 1831 [LA] → Previous owner
1774 [EA] - → Not known

Listed as proprietor but probably trustee.

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Testator → Executor
Testator → Legatee
Uncle → Nephew
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Rev. Samuel Wells Thomson was the nephew and co-residuary heir of Thomas Reid the...
Deceased Husband → Widow