Alexander Bruce Morris

???? - 1808


Alexander Bruce Morris, husband of Arabella Morris (q.v.) was shown as the deceased owner of Golden Grove and Lovely Lass in Berbice in the 1818 registration. The estate passed to his wife and the couple's children, the Barbadian slave-owner William Marshall Morris (q.v.) and Susannah Charlotte Morris.

  1. [July 1808] At his estate in Berbice [death of] Alexander Bruce Morris Esq. The Morning Post also showed him dying in Berbice but showed him 'of Queen's Square Bloomsbury' as well.


T71/437 p. 261-262.

  1. The Scots Magazine Vol 70 (1808) p. 798; Morning Post (London) - 14 October 1808, transcribed by Lisa Booth, [accessed 12/10/2018].

Further Information

Arabella Beard
William Marshall

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- 1808 [EY] → Owner

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Deceased Husband → Widow

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Queen's Square, Bloomsbury, London, Middlesex, London, England