John Barrow

???? - 1832


It would appear that Barrow died in 1832. His estates - Sunbury, Hampton and Upton - which were all heavily indebted were sold off.

By 1832 Barrow owed £82,885 to a variety of creditors, with more than half owing to John and Thomas Daniel (who were to be awarded compensation on this and other estates which had been owned by Barrow. In a Chancery suit, the Daniels paid a total of £52,432 for Barrow's three estates of Sunbury (413 acres), Hampton (348 acres) and Upton (242 acres). The money paid off the 7 liens prior to the Daniels', but they were left with more than £19,857 to carry as bad debt.

Barrow was in debt to Mary Ann Reeves (q.v.), Elizabeth Senhouse (probably his mother-in-law) and Elizabeth Bayne (q.v.). He was also in debt to Frances Barrow (according to Kathleen Mary Butler, possibly his widow, but almost certainly in fact his mother, who was as annuitant on the Sunbury estate, and who died in 1825 - the debt was presumably arrears of the annuity owed to her executors). The liens held by Reeves, Senhouse and Bayne amounted to 6% of the total of £82,857 secured against the 3 estates of Sunbury, Hampton and Upton. [Note there is some minor discrepancy between this figure and that above, owed in 1832.] The monies owed to them were mortgages or loans secured by court judgements. When Barrow's estates were sold by the Court in 1832, Reeves, Senhouse, Bayne and Barrow were paid from the proceeds of the Sunbury estate sale and received at least 19% of the price paid for it. The other creditors were paid from the sales of Hampton and Upton.

Possibly the same John Barrow as became Attorney to Richard Erle Drax Grosvenor and the Drax Hall estate in 1804. (q.v.)


Kathleen Mary Butler, The Economics of Emancipation. Jamaica & Barbados, 1823-1843 (Chapel Hill and London, University of North Carolina Press, 1995), pp. 81, 99.

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1817 [EA] - 1832 [LA] → Owner

Barrow was heavily indebted: see notes in his association withe Sunbury estate (BA694).

1817 [EA] - 1832 [LA] → Owner
1817 [EA] - 1832 [LA] → Owner

Barrow was heavily in debt on the estate: for details of this (and his debts on his other estates) see notes on his association with the Sunbury estate.

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This is an inferred relationship. Mary Ward Senhouse had married John Barrow; and one of John Barrow's creditors was Elizabeth...