John Lawrence Anglin

1809 - ????


Third son of John Lawrence Anglin senior and his wife Martha Patty Virgo Anglin. Baptised 02/02/1809 in Westmoreland, Jamaica. His father died in 1812. In the slave register of 1817, his mother registered 5 enslaved people on his behalf as guardian. Between 1823 and 1826 he inherited 35 enslaved people as legacies from three relatives: his mother (who died in 1819 but whose estate was managed by John's eldest brother William according to the slave registers of 1820 and 1823), Mary Lawrence Binham (his father's sister, nee Anglin, who married Dr George James Binham in Hanover in 1797) and Ann Dunn (presumably also a relative as John's mother's maiden name was Dunn). The Anglin family appears to have been resident in Jamaica since the early 18th century, with no obvious connections to Britain or to families of the same name in Ireland.


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