Gardiner Greene

1753 - 1832


Boston merchant, and originally a planter in Demerara, with a significant series of commercial and physical legacies in Boston, including the South Boston Bridge. His third wife was the daughter of John Singleton Copley.

  1. Gardiner Green [sic] was shown as the owner of Evergreen in Demerara in the 1817 Slave Registers.

  2. Gardiner Greene's grandson and namesake Gardiner Greene Hubbard (1822-1897) was co-founder and first President of the National Georgaphic Society (launching National Geographic Magazine), co-founder with Alexander Graham Bell of the journal Science, and first President of the Bell Telephone Co., which evolved into AT&T.


Winthrop S. Scudder (ed), A History of the Gardiner Greene estate on Cotton Hill, now Pemberton Square Boston, reprinted from the publications of the Bostonian Society (1916)

  1. T71/397.

  2. 'Gardiner Greene Hubbard', in Science New Series, Vol. 6, No. 157 (Dec. 31, 1897), pp. 974-977.

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