John Cunningham

???? - 1807


Owner of Cairncurran estate in Westmoreland, Jamaica, at the time of his death.

  1. May 21st [1807] At his estate of Cairncurran, Westmoreland, Jamaica [death of] John Cunningham Esq.

  2. A second source shows John Cunningham, Alexander Cunningham and Charles Cunningham as sons of William Cunningham of Cairncurran [Renfrewshire] and gives a death-date for John Cunningham in Jamaica as 24/07/1808.


Jamaica Almanac (1811).

  1. Scots Magazine Vol. 69 (1807) p. 638.

  2. George Crawfurd, General Description of the Shire of Renfrew: Including an Account of the Noble and Ancient Families (1818) p. 406.

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