Joseph Richard Mahon Miller

1796 - 16th Jan 1879


Neither Miller nor his wife, Harriet Roach, appears in the compensation records although he owned 18 enslaved recorded in the 1832 Barbados Slave Register. They married in New York, 01/10/1829. Joseph was Harriet's second husband (she had previously married Nathaniel Roach in Barbados in 1814). In the 1850 census they were living in Philadelphia, both born in the West Indies, he aged 53 and she aged 45. In the 1860 census they were still in Philadelphia, he age 64, with real estate valued at $8,000 and personal estate at $500. In Philadelphia in 1870, age unclear, real estate value $4,000. His abode was given as 522 South Juniper, Philadelphia, and his occupation as Gentleman, and his age as 83 on his death certificate. He died 16/01/1879.


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Further Information

Harriet Palmer Roach nee Killikelly

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1832 [EA] - 1832 [LA] → Administrator

Miller's wife, Harriott P. Roach, had previously been married to Nathaniel Roach.

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Second Husband → Wife

Addresses (2)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - United States of America
New York, New York, USA - United States of America