Arthur Robertson

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Shown as owner of Canaan in Trinidad in 1813 and later described as of Woodford Dale on the same island.

  1. Arthur Grant Robertson matriculated at the University in 1775. He was born in Antigua, eldest son of John, a medical doctor there. Robertson went on to graduate MD from Edinburgh in 1783.


The Kilmarnock Mirror and Literary Gleaner No. 12 Vol. II No. 4 Sept. 1819 p. 153 shows 'Aug. 11th At Maybole W.B. Kennedy Lawrie of Woodhall esq. to Antonia, daughter of Arthur Robertson of Woodford Dale, in the island of Trinidad.' In other secondary sources he was shown as Arthur Grant Robertson MD of Antigua, e.g. [P.H. M'Kerlie], History of the Lands and their Owners in Galloway (Edinburgh, William Paterson, 1879), p. 299.

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Arthur Robertson's daughter Antonia married William Kennedy Lawrie's natural son William Baillie Kennedy Lawrie in 1819, after William Kennedy Lawrie's...