Frances Lyons

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Successor to 'Dr Lyons' as owner of Derry (and Russell Pen), given variously as Francis and Frances Lyons.

Tentatively identified as the daughter or son or widow of Henry Lyons (likely Madden’s Dr Lyons). The ‘Mrs Lyons’ on James Robertson’s 1804 map of Jamaica might be tentatively identified as the widow of Henry Lyons. Henry was the son of Thadeus Lyons, Esq., of Lyonstown, County Roscommon, Ireland, and the uncle of Theophilus Lyons.

We are grateful to Steven Carter for his assistance with compiling this entry.


Richard Robert Madden, A Twelvemonth's Residence in the West Indies, vol. 1. James Cochrane and Co., 1835, p. 236.

Bernard Burke, A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland. Harrison, 1862, p. 265.

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