Thomas Wilkinson

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Son and main heir of Jacob Wilkinson (q.v.).

The will of Thomas Wilkinson of Bath proved 12/06/1827, PROB 11/1727/140 is probably the will of this man, although the will is silent on Jamaica property (it leaves all his property to his daughter Jane Anne Brymer). Three pieces of circumstantial evidence point towards that conclusion. First one executor of the will of Thomas Wilkinson of Bath was William Bromley, who appears in claims related to Jacob Wilkinson's former estates in the Chancery suit of Bourdieu v Bromley. Secondly, in the will of Rev. William Thomas Parr Brymer, son-in-law of Thomas Wilkinson of Bath, Brymer left an annuity to Emily Bourdieu. Finally in the will of Hugh Wilkinson, senior merchant of Calcutta proved 23/11/1824 is certainly of a son of Jacob Wilkinson, and shows him as at Bath, leaving property to his brother Thomas Wilkinson.


  1. PROB 11/1692/257

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