Bryan Conner or Connor

???? - 8th Nov 1816


Slave-owner in Jamaica, apparently resident. The owners of Greague (given as Conner) and Hibernia (given as Connor) were possibly different men.

  1. B. Connor, Emmaus, St.Elizabeth, advertised a reward for return of a runaway from the property, July 1794. Note that Bryan Connor filed accounts for the estate between 1793 and 1800, at least latterly as overseer. The Benjamin Connor who filed in 1794 may be a mistranscription for Bryan.

  2. Elizabeth Manning Connor, reputed daughter of Bryan Connor by Eleanor Manning (q.v.), "free mulatto", was born 15/08/1808 and baptised 14/02/1809 at Bryan Connor's property in St Elizabeth (later Manchester). Eleanor was probably related to Mary Ann Manning (q.v.) whose son Brook Young was baptised at the same property on the same day. Eleanor Bellew Connor, reputed daughter of Bryan Connor, esq, and Eleanor Manning, a "free mulatto", was born 28/09/1811 and baptised at Lacovia 22/04/1813.

  3. Brian William Connor and Penelope Thompson, unmarried, Goory, were parents of Michael Lawrence Connor, "quadroon", baptised in Manchester 01/01/1829. It's possible that this Brian was the father of the children baptised in 1809 and 1813. Note also that Goory is given against Mary Ann Manning with 38 enslaved people and 5 stock in the 1831 almanac and against George Young with 41 enslaved people and 11 stock in 1833.

  4. Bryan Connor advertised Hibernia, Mile Gully, for sale in January 1815 (property said to comprise 50 acres young coffee, 35 acres bearing, 50 acres guinea grass, 70 acres common pasture and ruinate coffee, 470 acres woodland and negro grounds, with set of works; 80 "well-disposed negroes", 50 head of horned cattle).

  5. Bryan Connor, esq, "an old and respectable inhabitant", died at Hibernia, 08/11/1816.


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We are grateful to Paul Hitchings for his assistance with compiling this entry.

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