Robert Garraway of Grenada

???? - 1822


  1. Son of John Garraway (merchant of Grenada who died in London in 1812). His mother was Frances Hart, a 'free mulatto' who lived with his father for over 40 years. Along with his brother John Gloster Garraway, Robert Garraway inherited the majority of their father's 'extensive' estate.

  2. In 1813 Robert Garraway made a legal agreement to marry Dorothea Christina Thomas, the 17-year-old daughter of Dorothy Thomas of Grenada, with a bond of £2,000 and the 'escape clause' that the agreement should be void if Robert were to return to England before Dorothea Christina reached the age of 21. The marriage never took place and Robert returned to England in 1817 leaving their daughter Ann, aged about 18 months, another child baptised in 1803 by Elizabeth Nunes and at least three children with Margaret Campbell. Died in 1822, 'possibly a suicide'. In 1824 the Grenadan property of Garraway and his brother was sold for debt.


  1. The will of John Garraway, PROB 11/1537/407.

  2. Enterprising women: gender, race and power in the revolutionary Atlantic (Athens, Georgia, 2015) pp. 126-31, 144-145, quotes on pp. 126, 130.

Further Information

At least 5 illegitimate children including [with Dorothea Christina Thomas] Ann Garraway (1816-)

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