Burrill Carnes

???? - 1805


Merchant of Boston and Essequibo.

  1. Will of Burrell otherwise Burrill Carnes of the City of Boston and state of Massachusetts but now residing in the colony of Essequibo proved 15/11/1805. In the will he left his entire estate to his daughter Anna Maria. He appointed his brother Joseph as executor, and Rd Nugent [as representative] until Joseph Carnes' arrival in the colony.

  2. Burrill Carnes had married Anne Zeagers, daughter of Hon. Samuel Zeagers of Essequibo.


  1. PROB 11/1433/116

  2. Alonzo Lewis, The History of Lynn (1829) pp. 192-193.

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Anne Zeagers
Anna Maria

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£3,421 16s 4d
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Boston, Massachusetts, USA - United States of America