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The 'Misses Foster' were shown as owners of Emmaus Penn 1810-1817. The estate had been left by William Smalling (q.v.) to his wife for life with remainder to William Smalling Foster and then John Foster, sons of Thomas Foster (d. 1822). The Misses Foster were daughters of Thomas Foster (d. 1822), apparently inheriting on the deaths of their brothers, who appear to have predeceased their father. In 1804 a settlement had been made of money from the sale of an estate of William Smalling among the four eldest daughters of Thomas Foster. The daughters of Thomas Foster's first marriage included Eliza or Elizabeth Deborah Foster, who married Admiral Thomas Ussher; Valeria Dorothy Foster, who married (1) William Fergus and (2) Robert Strong; Emma, who married James Esdaile Hammet; and Maria Catherine, who married William Pennefeather.


'Settlement 17/11/1804. Settlement by John Foster Esq. of the money arising from the sale of the late Mr. William Christopher Smallings, Jamaica estate, upon or for the benefit of the four eldest daughters of Thomas Foster Esq.' Hull History Centre C DDI/2/13 http://catalogue.hullhistorycentre.org.uk/files/c-ddi.pdf [accessed 24/05/2018].

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