Lachlan Grant

1809 - 24th Nov 1856


Son of James Colquhoun Grant and Ann Wilson. Lachlan was bequeathed £1500 on the death of his father in 1822 and along with his six siblings was residuary legatee of his father's estate. Bapstied "a quadroon" 18/12/1813 in Westmoreland, Jamaica. None of his siblings have so far been identified in Britain but his father's will requested that they return to Scotland.

  1. Lachlan Grant, Gentleman, married, died 24/11/1856 at Glassford Street, Glasgow, age 47 son of James Colquhoun Grant, Gentleman, deceased and Ann nee Wilson. He was buried at Sighthill Cemetery, Glasgow. The informant was John Bain of 26 Scotia Street.


See separate entry for James Colquhoun Grant.

  1. GROS Deaths 1856 644/1 1437.

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Married but no further details

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1822 [SY] - → Joint owner

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Natural Son → Father
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Glassford Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Central Scotland, Scotland