John Vesy or Vezey Rennalls

9th Jul 1743 - 1794


Bequeathed £500 sterling in the will of his great-uncle William Powell (q.v.). Also a share in Harkers Hall as one of the residuary legatees of William Powell.

John Vezey Rennalls married Susanna Redwood 01/12/1768. They had at least six children: John Powell (1774), Elizabeth Mary, Susannah Rodon (1781), Stephen Richard, Philippa Redwood (1786) and William Rodon (1789). The identification from these christening records is supported by the will of John Powell Rennalls who refers to his sisters Susannah, Elizabeth and Philippa; and his brother William. While John Vezey Rennalls appears to have stayed in Jamaica, at least four of his children migrated to England. Susanna Redwood was the daughter of Stephen Richard Redwood and his wife Ann, and sister of Philip Redwood.

Dr John Vesey Rennalls died in Spanish Town in October 1794.


Life Dates are from Monumental Inscriptions St Catherine p. 66; Will of William Powell - PROB 11/924/107. Will of John Powell Rennalls - PROB 11/1653/249.

Royal Gazette 01/11/1794 transcribed at [accessed 27/02/2017]. James Henry Lawrence-Archer, Monumental inscriptions of the British West Indies from the earliest date (London, 1875) p. 66.

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Married but no further details
John Powell

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1799 [EA] - → Owner
1766 [EA] - 1766 [LA] → Heir

Bequeathed by William Powell to his nephews Thomas, William, Henry, Jonathan and Joseph Rennalls and his great-nephew John Vezey Rennalls. Subject to numerous cash bequests and legacies.

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