Benjamin Alleyne of Tobago

???? - 1829


  1. The will of Benjamin Alleyne of island of Tobago was proved in London 24/05/1832 [it had been proved at Scarborough in Tobago 29/09/1829]. He left to his housekeeper Sarah the plot of land known as Lot no. 1 at Harmony Hall (about 1 3/4 acres) and four enslaved people (Lavington; Nancy Moll and her child Sarah; and Judy Anna) for life (with remainder to John Lowrie), and an annuity of £20 p.a.; he left a further plot of land (Lot no. 2 at Harmony Hall) together with an enslaved woman Jenny and her child to Jane Kitts; and he left to his natural son Robert a further parcel of land of 5 acres near the town of Plymouth, together with four enslaved people (Joe Brown 'a carpenter'; Betsy; and Neptune). He made bequests of money and land next to Robert Alleyne's parcel to the family of Mrs Frances Eastmond, and gave her an annuity of £50 p.a. He left £500 to his cousin Benjamin Alleyne of Barbados, and left Sherwood Park as to 3/4 to the children of his brother George Alleyne of Barbados and 1/4 to his cousin William Alleyne (also of Barbados) on condition that William take on and manage the estate [this whole legacy to William is scored through and the copy has a note saying 'Original so']: otherwise the 1/4 went to the sons of Benjamin Alleyne of Barbados.


  1. PROB 11/1799/156.

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