Robert Kerr

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Apparently resident slave-owner. An indenture dated 01/03/1805, not yet examined, reportedly conveyed a group of estates including Welcome, Haddington and Leyden, from Robert Kerr to Robert Markland, although Robert Kerr was dead by 1796.


TNA. PWLB - Records of the Loan Commissioners and the Public Works Loan Board PWLB 11 - West India Relief Commissioners: Mortgage Indentures PWLB 11/79 - Jamaica: WELCOME, HADDINGTON, LEYDEN, ROXBURGH, BURRELL'S PENN, MOUNT PARNASSUS, WELCOME BARGUADIER PENN, STAPLETON MOUNT and LEMON HALL estates

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1796 [EA] - 1803 [LA] → Previous owner
1796 [EA] - 1803 [LA] → Previous owner
1799 [EA] - → Previous owner

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