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Compensation for Minto estate in St David, Jamaica, was awarded to Hugh Fraser Leslie and John Gilroy, of St David, as executors of Walter Scott, who must have died between 1832 and 1834.

  1. Walter Scott is shown against Minto estate from 1816 to 1833; from 1838 Minto is registered to "the estate of Walter Scott". From 1826, Llandewey and Thistleborough estates are also shown against Walter Scott.

  2. The will of Walter Scott's brother-in-law John Mercer of Melrose Cottage, Jedburgh, Scotland, and his wife Euphemia nee Scott refers to “...the estates of Llandewy and Minto situated in the Parish of St Davids in the Island of Jamaica West Indies which belonged to [Euphemia’s] deceased brother Walter Scott of the said Parish and in all others the Estates, Plantations, Houses, funds and Effects or proceeds thereof which belonged to [Euphemia’s] late brother and which are now in the possession of his Executors with all debts claims mortgages and other rights in any way pertaining to or affecting the said Estates...”

  3. John Mercer age 75, of independent means, was living with Euphemia Mercer age 65 at Melrose Cottage, Melrose, Roxburghshire in the census of 1841. By 1851, Euphemia Mercer age 73 was living at 25 Dundas Street, Edinburgh, in the household of her son-in-law James Sommerville. The 1851 census gives Euphemia's birthplace as Ashkirk, Selkirkshire.

  4. An unsourced private family history gives the parents of Euphemia Mercer and Walter Scott as William Scott and Isobel and states that John Mercer of Brigend married Euphemia Scott of Galashiels 01/11/1800 at Bowden; Euphemia Mercer died 02/05/1852 aged 86.

  5. Possible match for Walter and Euphemia's parents: William Scott and Isabel Tait, both of this parish, gave up their names for proclamation of banns in Ashkirk [the place of birth of Euphemia listed in the 1851 census] 29/07/1763. Euphemia's year of birth from private family sources is c. 1766. William Scott and Isabel Tait are recorded as having 3 children baptised in Ashkirk: Margaret (28/11/1764), Walter (03/06/1768) and Andrew (11/08/1770).

  6. The 1851 census record for Walter Scott's niece Maria Aitkin at 12 Princess Terrace, St Pancras, includes a cousin Will. J. Scott, age 22, Clerk, Rock[?] Hospital, born in St David's, Jamaica: he may be the son of Walter Scott but, if so, would probably have been illegitimate if Euphemia had inherited a substancial share of Walter's estate.


T71/866 St David claim no. 17 (Minto).

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