John Davis Edwards

1785 - ????


Son of Andrew Edwards of Cocoa Nut Hall in Antigua and Elizabeth Davis, and cousin of Thomas Spencer Edwards (q.v.). Shown in 1824 as registering 146 enslaved people as proprietor on an unnamed estate on Antigua. In 1828 Thomas Spencer Edwards registered 145 enslaved people as attorney of John Davis Edwards for presumably the same unnamed estate, which has been inferred to be Cocoa Nut Hall. No estate named Cocoa Nut Hall appears in the compensation records but it has been inferred to be Antigua no. 303.

  1. Vere Langford Oliver shows John Davis Edwards as baptised 17/02/1785 at St John's Antigua, and as 'of Oldham Hall, co. Gloucester, which he purchased.' Oldham Hall has not been traced: it was possibly Oldland Hall in Longwell Green, near Willsbridge Gloucestershire. John Davis Edwards' son John Edwards (b. 1821) matriculated Magdalen Hall in 1840 and married at Bath in 1844: John Edward's wife Emma Hutchinson Edwards nee Smith died 26/05/1859 'formerly of Antigua' but late of 6 Cromwell Terrace, leaving £450.


  1. Vere Langford Oliver, History of Antigua Vol. I p. 231; T71/248 pp. 227-229; T71/249 pp. 235-237; National Probate Calendar 1859.

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