Alexander Harvey

1766 - 1818


Son of Alexander Harvey (1719-1774), an Aberdeenshire-born planter who moved to Antigua in 1748 or 1749 and returned to Aberdeen in 1757. Alexander junior was bequeathed estates in Grenada by his uncle John Harvey (1721-1771), subject to the life interest of John's brother Robert Harvey (1832-1791). According to one source, Alexander "disposed of his prospective interest to his uncle Robert Harvey, the life-renter, for the sum of £20,000, and purchased for himself the estate of Broadland in Buchan, for which he paid ten thousand guineas..."

Alexander was also bequeathed an annuity of £500 from his uncle Robert's Grenadan estates upon Robert's death in 1791.


Gravestones and memorial inscriptions of the Harvey, Farquhar and Ross families from Kintore church and cemetery, sent by Alison McCall, 09/02/2015 and 16/02/2015.

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The will of John Harvey of Grenada, PROB 11/964.

The will of Robert Harvey late of Grenada but now residing in Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, PROB 11/1208.

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