Henry Leigh Spencer

1771 - 1829


Husband of Elizabeth Frances Spencer (nee Newton) q.v., through whom he came to hold the Frye's estate on Antigua.

  1. Will of Henry Leigh Spencer of Banstead Surrey proved 26/11/1829. The will recites the background of an order of 1821 in the Chancery suit between Bliss Leigh Frye and himself whereby he paid off the debts and legacies of Rowland Frye and came to propose himself as purchaser, 'and was allowed the purchase', of an estate called Upper estate on Antigua; he further had become entitled to stand and be a creditor and mortgagee of another estate on the island, Lower estate. No conveyance of the estates had been made but he left them in trust for his wife Elizabeth Frances and their three children. It is not yet clear whether these two estates constituted Frye's, the enslaved people on which were registered in his name in 1821 and 1824, and for whom his widow was awarded the compensation in the 1830s, or were additional and as yet unidentified estates.


  1. PROB 11/1763/162

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Elizabeth Frances Newton

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