Dennis Kelly

???? - 1758


One of five brothers (the others were Charles, Edmund, Darcy and John) from Lisduff in Ireland, who went to Jamaica after 1700. Dennis Kelly was the only one of them who had a legitimate heir who survived into adulthood so all the Kelly estates devolved upon his daughter Elizabeth, who married Peter Browne, 2nd Earl of Altamount (q.v.), in 1752.

Dennis Kelly was Chief Justice of Jamaica in 1742.

Dennis Kelly was listed in the Jamaican Quit Rent books for 1754 as the owner of 1200 acres of land in St George, 300 acres in Clarendon, 137 acres in Vere and 2365 acres in St Dorothy, total 4002 acres.

Whitehorne and Kelly were listed in the Jamaican Quit Rent books for 1754 as the owners of 550 acres of land in St Catherine, 120 acres in St James and 1162 acres in St Thomas-in-the-Vale, total 1832 acres; this is assumed to be Samuel Whitehorne and either Dennis or John Kelly.


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Further Information

Priscilla Halstead
Elizabeth (1733-)

PROB 11/838/26 - precis.

To brother Bernard kelly £40 pa.

To nephew Kelly Prendergast £500.

To Mrs Hawkes and Mrs Martin (both of Elphin) £100 each.

To the four youngest children of my sister Prendergast £600 between them.

To sister Dalton £100.

To nephew John Dalton £500.

To Margaret Wright now in Jamaica £500 Jamaican currency at age 18 or marriage.

To granddaughter Priscilla Browne £2000 at age 18 or marriage.

To servant James Collings £20.

To servant Anne Irwin £20.

All the rest and residue to my daughter Elizabeth Browne and the heirs male of her body. In default to my nephew John Dalton and his male heirs upon their taking the name Kelly.

Executors in Britain: Dennis Daly of Haford, son-in-law Peter Browne, John Cope Freeman and John Burke of Sergeants Inn, London. Executors in Jamaica: Rose Fuller and Matthew Gregory.

Signed 01/03/1754. Proved in London 03/05/1758 by Peter Browne.


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Reportedly owned by Dennis Kelly in 1754. It was later owned by Kelly's son-in-law the Earl of Altamont.

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Lisduff, Galway, Ireland