Mary Ann Bell

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Joint owner of Mount Sinai estate in Carriacou with Alzire Servant in 1823.

  1. In his will proved in 1800, Dr John Bell bequeathed 20 enslaved people and a small plantation adjacent to Bellevue to 'Mallotto Girl Alzee and hir Child Marian'. This is very likely the Alzire named as the natural daughter of the previous owner of Bellevue, Pierre Servant, in his will proved in 1787 who was bequeathed an annuity secured on Bellevue. She is probably also the Alzire named as one of the enslaved people in John Bell's inventory of 1787. Mary Ann or Marian was likely to be Alzire's daughter with John Bell.


  1. Joseph Alan Beatty, '“I bear witness”: An African's Quest for faith and community in the Atlantic World', PhD thesis, University of Florida (2014) p. 87.

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1823 [EA] - → Joint owner

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Natural Daughter → Father
Grand-daughter → Grandfather