John Serocold

8th Feb 1723 - 7th Nov 1788


Son of John Serocold (1687-1744) and his second wife Elizabeth nee Bumpstead. London merchant and sugar factor heavily involved in financing the debts of Sir Charles Price 1st Bart and his son; partner in Serocold & Jackson. John Serocold was bankrupt in 1786. John Serocold's daughter Elizabeth (1749-1832) had married John Jackson (1738-1809) in St Mary at Hill, London in 1768.


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Michael Craton and James Walvin, A Jamaican Plantation. The History of Worthy Park 1670-1970 (W.H. Allen, London and New York, 1970) pp. 157-159, 162-163.

Further Information

Ann Pate
Elizabeth (1749-1832)

PROB 11/1173/117 - precis.

John Serocold, late of Love Lane, London, merchant, now residing in Queen Ann Street, East.

All residue to my daughter Elizabeth Jackson, wife of Mr John Jackson, Sir James Esdaile, Knight, Alderman of London, William Jones, late of Love Lane, now of Grange Walk in Southwark, and John Roebuck of St Mary at Hill, grocer, upon trust to invest in the public funds. I give them 20 guineas each for a ring and to pay the interest to my said daughter Elizabeth Jackson for her natural life for her own absolute use and benefit. No part of my estate should ever be subject to the debts of her husband John Jackson. On her death, the residue of my estate to any children she should have living in the portions devised by her. Should she have no living children then half my estate to go to whomever she shall appoint in her will and the other half equally to the children of my brother Thomas Serocold.

£30 to my servant Mary Dew.

£50 to Lieutenant Walter Serocold.

Trustees to be my executors.

Signed 03/11/1788.

Proved in London 11/12/1788 by Elizabeth Jackson.

Merchant and sugar factor

Associated Estates (4)

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1786 [EA] - → Mortgage Holder
1784 [EA] - 1784 [LA] → Joint owner

Shown as the property of Serocold and Jackson

1758 [SY] - → Mortgage Holder
1753 [EA] - 1776 [LA] → Mortgage Holder

Craton and Walvin, A Jamaican Plantation: the history of Worthy Park 1670-1970 record (p. 157) a bond debt in February 1753 from Charles Price to John Serocold, converted into a mortgage in 1758, of 'Burton's New Works with its 242 slaves' for a debt of £14,000, sourced to I.R.O. Deeds 170/7 and 281/86. On p. 53 they characterise the 1753 loan as a mortgage. They also imply Serocold (p. 157) died between 1753 and 1758. Serocold assigned or transferred the mortgage to Rene Payne and others in 1776.

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Serocold & Jackson
West India merchant  

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Almost certainly John Jackson was also the son-in-law of John Serocold...
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John Straw was a creditor of Serocold &...

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Queen Anne Street, London, Middlesex, London, England