John Peter Hankey

1770 - 1807


London merchant, son of John Hankey (q.v.).

  1. Bequeathed £100 in the will of Peter Simond (proved 1785). Simond had adopted John Peter Hankey's father John Hankey as his son, and made John Peter Hankey one of the heirs to his Grenadan estates.

  2. John Peter Hankey merchant late Alderman of the City of London by his will dated 07/12/1793 and proved 25/05/1807 left all his estates in Grenada including 'sugar works..negroes[,] slaves[,] plantation utensils' in trust (the trustees were his brothers Thomson Hankey and Frederick later Sir Frederick Hankey, his cousin Augustus Robert Hankey and Isabella's brother Sir William Alexander). Two-thirds of these estates were left to his widow Isabella Hankey for her lifetime and after her death half of this interest (i.e. one-third of the total) was to be disposed by her as she saw fit. The second of the two shares of one-third each passed to his wife was after her decease to be divided equally among his children. The missing third appears to have belonged to the family of Hankey's partner Peter Simond, who died in 1786 having adopted John Hankey as his son.


  1. Will of Peter Simond, PROB 11/1136/157.

  2. Will of John Peter Hankey, PROB 11/1461/216.

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