John Peyto Shrubb

1762 - 1845


Trustee named in the will of Arthur Iredell (q.v.) made in 1798 (Iredell died in 1804, and administration of the will was granted in 1818) charged with disposing of Pindar's Valley estate and distributing the proceeds among Iredell's children when they each reached the age of 21. John Peyto Shrubb was Iredell's brother-in-law, of Guildford, Surrey, when Iredell wrote his will in 1798. Probably the John P. Shrubb living at Woodbridge Road, Stoke, Guildford, age 75, of independent means in 1841. In the same household were George J. Shrubb, age 45, two female servants and one male servant. George Peyto Shrubb was the son of a successful fustian manufacturer and left £250,000 in 1845.


PROB 11/1603/74; 1841 census online; W.D. Rubinstein, Who were the rich? Vol. II [MS] 1845/14.

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Charlotte Elers
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Guildford, Surrey, South-east England, England
Woodbridge Road, Stoke, Guildford, Surrey, South-east England, England