Andrew Grant

???? - 1779


Resident slave-owner on Grenada, father of Capt. Charles Grant, Henrietta Grant, Ann Grant and Catherine Anderson nee Grant (each of whom q.v.). Heir of his brother John Grant, Baron of the Exchequer (q.v.).

  1. Will of Andrew Grant planter of Grenada [made in 1777] proved 08/04/1783. In the will he identified himself as the owner of the River Antoine estate and the lessee of the Mount Rich estate. Under the will he left his estates in trust to secure: an annuity of £250 p.a. to his wife Allan [sic]; £40 p.a. to her to support each of their daughters, who were themselves to receive £70 p.a. from majority until marriage; £100 p.a. for the maintenance of his eldest son and £60 p.a. to each of his youngest sons. One of Andrew Grant's sons, Allan, died in India 03/05/1804. His will names his father, Andrew Grant, his father's brother, John; the River Antoine estate, his sister, Catherine Anderson, his brother, Charles, his mother, and his other sisters.

  2. Nov. 27 1779 in the Island of Grenada [Death of] Andrew Grant, son of the late Patrick Grant of Elchies, one of the Lords of Session and Judiciary.


  1. PROB 11/1102/141. Will of Allan Grant, dated 1804. Wills & Administrations - Madras 1780-1938. L-AG-34-29-204.

  2. Scots Magazine Vol. 42 Feb 1780 p.109.

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Further Information

Allan Fordyce
Henrietta; Ann; Catherine; Caroline; John; Allan; Robert; Charles

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1777 [EA] - 1783 [LA] → Owner

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