Joseph Watkis

1754 - 18th Dec 1799


Owner of a half-share of Greenwich Park in St Ann, Jamaica. Of London from at least 1796 until his death in 1799. Bequeathed his estate in trust to his daughter Caroline Price Watkis (later Watson).

  1. Baptised 03/06/1754 in St Mary's, Shrewsbury, eldest child of John Watkis and his wife Elizabeth nee Price.

  2. Joseph Watkis died 18/12/1799 aged 45 years and was buried in St George's Gardens, Lonon WC1. His gravestone says that he was 'many years resident in the Island of Jamaica' and that he came from Shrewsbury. His brother John Watkis is mentioned on the same stone - he died in 1800, aged 43. Joseph Watkis's burial record gives his address as Southampton Row.


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Further Information

Phoebe Watkins
Caroline Price (1795-1828)

PROB 11/1336 - precis.

Joseph Watkis formerly of Clarges Street, Piccadilly but now of King Street, St George, Bloomsbury Esquire.

My dear and loving wife Phebe Watkis is already sufficiently and handsomely provided for yet notwithstanding the same, all the money I may have at the time of my decease in the funds of the Bank of England to be charged with an annuity of £150 for her natural life in lieu of every claim of dower. Also to my wife £100 to be paid within a month of my death, and all household goods and furniture, linen, plate etc in my dwelling house for her sole and absolute use.

To my father John Watkis of Shrewsbury my gold watch and ten guineas for mourning.

To my brothers John Watkis of London and Price Watkis of Jamaica Esquire and my cousin Samuel Betton of Philadelphia in North America, Chemist, 10 guineas each for mourning.

All rest and residue of my property both real and personal to my brothers John Watkis and Price Watkis upon trust. As soon as conveniently may be after my decease to sell my moity or half part in Greenwich Park plantation in St Ann, Jamaica, together with all my real estate in Britain, and to invest the money in public funds of Great Britain in the names of the said john Watkis and Price Watkis upon trust for the uses hereafter declared.

Firstly, if I have not enough money in the Bank of England to pay my wife's £150 annuity, then this is chargeable on my trust funds.

Also yearly to my wife £50 for the maintenance and education of each and every of the children I may have at the time of my decease or born in due time afterwards until each of them attain the age of 21 years or marriage. When they reach this age or at marriage (with the consent of their guardians) then to transfer the funds or securities as shall have been invested equally amongst all my children in trust. Should no child reach the age of 21 then the interest of the residue to my wife during her natural life so long as she should continue to be my widow and thereafter to my brothers John Watkis and Price Watkis equally share and share alike.

My wife, father and two prothers to be guardians of my children.

My brothers to be executors.

Signed 03/05/1796.

Codicil signed 06/12/1799. Joseph Watkis formerly of Jamaica but now of Southampton Row in St George, Bloomsbury. Extend the annuity to my wife to be charged against my property in the 3% and 4% annuities in the Bank of England with an additional £50 per annum. Also to my wife the rents and annuities from my estate in St Mary, Shrewsbury for her natural life. And as I have only one child at this time living, namely my dear daughter Caroline Price Watkis, from the age of 12 years £100 per annum to be paid for her maintenance, support and education. In case of such failure of my issue, my estate to my brothers equally and £300 to my wife. My wife to be a joint executor.

Proved in London 24/01/1800 by Pheobe Watkis, widow.

Proved in London 05/08/1802 by Price Watkis Esquire, the brother and executor.

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1796 [EA] - 1800 [EY] → Joint owner
1809 [EA] - 1811 [LA] → Previous owner

Relationships (5)

Nephew → Uncle
Father → Daughter
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Addresses (3)

Shrewsbury, Shropshire, West Midlands, England
King Street, City of London, Middlesex, London, England
Southampton Row, Bloomsbury, London, Middlesex, London, England