David Muir

???? - 1794


Partner and co-owner with Edmund Fleming Akers of an estate on St Vincent.

  1. Will of David Muir late of the island of St Vincent but now onboard the Boyd, Robert Young master, bound for London (made 09/08/1793) , proved 08/03/1794. Under the will he left £100 p.a. to his father James Muir of Campsie Stirlingshire and his mother Mrs James Muir on condition that James Muir paid the interest on £350 secured on a farm in Campsie to his sister Jane Muir during his life and the principal to her on his death; £1000 to his brother James Muir; to nephew David son of James £500; £300 to his niece Jane daughter of James; £1000 to his brother Charles; £1000 to Edmund Fleming Akers and £1000 to his wife Frances Akers and £1000 to their daughter Elizabeth George [sic] Akers; and some minor monetary legacies. He set aside £50 to buy 'a negro' to be exchanged for Cecile, 'a negro woman' on the Coubaimarou estate. He said he and E.F. Akers were joint owners of an estate consisting of Lots no.11 and 12 in the [illegible: Monkton's?] quarter in St Vincent and other lands elsewhere on St Vincent 'granted to Michael Keane' and likewise advanced money to Jonas Akers secured partly by mortgage on Lot no. 5 in Monktons quarter and partly by a judgment obtained by John Greig against Jonas Akers; he instructed the property should be appraised and offered to E.F. Akers at that value and put up for sale elsewhere if Akers did not buy it. His residuary legatees were his brothers Charles Muir and James Muir.


  1. PROB 11/1243/54.

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