George Anderson

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Mortgagee of James Anderson, owner of Hermitage plantation in St David, Jamaica. The compensation was awarded to his executors, James Andrew Anderson, Colin Dunlop Donald and Andrew Bannatyne.

  1. This is possibly George Anderson merchant of Glasgow whose will was proved 22/03/1802 [although this man's treatment of a debt from James Anderson of Jamaica is not consistent with the mortgage claimed under the award]. The executors of this man were Archibald Henderson merchant, Alexander Dunlop surgeon, Andrew Anderson merchant in Greenock and Morehead Loudoun [sp?] merchant. [Andrew Anderson of Greenock was the father of James Andrew Anderson]. George Anderson left £800 to his niece Elizabeth Anderson wife of Archibald Henderson, and £800 to Alexander Dunlop the surviving husband of his niece Jean, having already given a similar sum to a third niece Janet, the wife of Andrew Anderson. He left £250 each to four further relatives and friends and £200 to Morehead Loudoun. He had gifted £400 to his natural son James Anderson at present residing in Jamaica, and lent him a further £600 on bond, which he instructed his executors to give up to James Anderson. His residuary estate went in third shares to Elizabeth Anderson, Janet Anderson and Andrew Dunlop.


T71/866 St David claim no. 105 (Hermitage).

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