Alexander Maconochie the younger of Meadowbank

1777 - 1861


Alexander Maconochie the Younger of Meadowbank was trustee for James Wedderburn Colvile's Jamaican estates in 1808 (Colvile's will was first written 1802). It is likely that Alexander Maconochie, later himself a judge, was the son of Allan Maconochie, jurist and judge (see ODNB for entries on both men), and that he was named 'the younger' to distinguish him from Alexander Maconochie (1787-1860) the prison reformer, who had been adopted by Allan Maconochie in the 1790s and who has an entry in the Australian Dictionary of Biography.


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Yarmouth Hampshire (Isle of Wight)
1817 - 1818
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Anstruther Easter Burghs Fife
1818 - 1819

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