Jane Frances Clarke

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Jane Frances Clarke owned Hampstead Park Penn (St Andrew, Jamaica). She completed Slave Register returns for the property from 1812-34 but appears to have died sometime during the mid-1830s. By the time compensation was claimed for Hampstead Park in 1838 it was in the possession of attorneys. In 1823 Clarke manumitted Catherine Gouty, her son Robert Gouty, daughter Jane Manby & and Jane's 7 children John James Clarke, Lewis Manby, James Taylor, Robert Taylor, Henry Daysdale Taylor, William Wade Taylor and Elizabeth. Several more were manumitted in 1826 but throughout the 1820s Jane Frances Clarke continued to purchase slaves to replace those manumitted or the considerable numbers who died on Hampstead Penn. Jane Frances Clarke was trustee to Ann Moxham and in this role purchased several slaves for her and her husband William Moxham (both q.v.).


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