Elizabeth Atherton (née Sepleton)

1755 - 1831


Daughter of John Sepleton of Ormskirk and widow of William Atherton of Prescot and Jamaica. Bequeathed an annuity of £2,000 and capital of £5,000 in her husband's will (proved 1804).

Elizabeth Atherton of Prescot aged 76 years was buried in Prescot 24/05/1831.


See separate entry for William Atherton.

Ancestry.com, Lancashire, England, Deaths and Burials, 1813-1986 [database online].

Further Information

Maiden Name
William Atherton

PROB 11/1788/307.

Elizabeth Atherton of Prescot, Lancashire, widow.

All my seats or pews in the south gallery of Prescot Church to Dame Lucy Park (wife of Sir James Allan Park and daughter of the late Richard Atherton Esquire), James Allan Park Esquire (son of the said Sir James Allan Park and Dame Lucy his wife), Miss Mary Atherton (another of the daughters of Richard Atherton) and Miss Eleanor Atherton (daughter of the late Henry Atherton Esquire) as tenants in common.

All my freehold messuage or tenement in Skelmesdale in Lancashire (about 30 acres) now in the possession of James Kerfool and all other lands in Skelmesdale to Elizabeth Ford (daughter of Rev. Gilbert Ford of North Meols, Lancashire).

My carriage, horses and harness to Mary Atherton.

My farming stock and husbandry utensils at Eccleston, my greenhouse, hothouse and other plants at Prescot to Eleanor Atherton and her sister Mrs Lucy Willis share and share alike.

All my books and books of prints (except those thereinafter otherwise bequeathed) and the bookcases to Rev. Joseph Brenton wanton, clark.

All my drawings in the Breakfast Room in my house at Prescot to Miss Lucy Makin, daughter of Thomas Makin of Shorpinguin[?] Esquire; the portraits of myself and my late dear husband now in my Breakfast Room to Dame Lucy Park; the portraits of myself and my husband in a drawer in my bedroom to Mary Anne Atherton (widow of John Joseph Atherton Esquire).

[numerous further bequests of furniture, jewellry, books etc.]

To Dame Lucy Park £1,000.

To Mary Atherton, Elizabeth Atherton and Catherine Atherton, daughters of Richard Atherton deceased, £1,500 each.

To Eleanora Atherton £1,000.

To Lucy Makin and Ellen Makin £1,000 each.

To Joseph Brenton Wanton £3,000.

To Catherine Booth of Ormskirk £2,000.

To Ellen Taylor £1,000.

To the children of my late cousin Jane Maudesley deceased (daughter of Charles Woods of Liverpool) £2,000 to be shared equally between them.

To my executors Gilbert Ford and William Shawe of Preston, £2,000 in trust to be placed out in government or other public or real securities, to pay the dividends to Richard Booth of Manchester (son of Catherine Booth of Kirkham) for life, then upon trust to his daughter Ellen Taylor.

A further £3,000 to my executors upon trust, same terms as above, the dividends for Elizabeth berry (daughter of Catherine Booth of Kirkham).

A further £600 to my executors upon trust, same terms as above, for Mary Anne Atherton, widow of John Joseph Atherton for life.

[further smaller legacies including £1600 to my servant Mary Lough and numerous other bequests to servants and charities]

All rest and residue to Joseph Brenton Wanton.

Gilbert Ford and William Shawe to be executors.

Signed 27/02/1828.

Codicil dated 27/04/1829. To Mary Atherton, Elizabeth Atherton and Catherine Atherton a further £500 each. To William Henry Atherton (son of the late John Joseph Atherton) a futher £300. [More bequests to servants and smaller items of furniture to others.]

Codicil dated 27/02/1829. An additional £200 each to Mary, Elizabeth and Catherine Atherton. £500 each to Miss Eleanora Atherton and Mrs Luc Willis in lieu of earlier bequests. To god-daughter Catherine Eliza Park £200. To Miss Mary Wanton £500 and to the other five children of Rev. Joseph Brenton Wanton £100 each. [Numerous other bequests].

Codicil dated 11/02/1831. My residuary estate to Joseph Brenton Wanton should it not exceed £3,000. The money above that sum to be equally divided between Mary, Elizabeth and Catherine Atherton.

Sworn by witnesses in Chester 25/07/1831.

Proved in London 16/08/1831 by Rev. Gilbert Ford clerk and William Shawe.

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1803 [SY] - 1831 [EY] → Annuitant

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Prescot Hall, Prescot, Liverpool, Lancashire, North-west England, England