Josiah Nicholson of Nevis

???? - 1820


  1. Will of Josiah Nicholson, Planter of Island of Nevis, made in 1820 and proved 30 October 1820. He left four enslaved people - Siah [sp?[, James, Josina [sp?] and Mary - to his wife Margaret, and and a 'negro girl' called Maria to his sister Sarah for life (together with an annuity of £40 p.a.) and then with all her [Maria's] issue and increase to Ann, his natural or reputed daughter with a woman named Betsy Socco [sp?], then deceased, with the proviso that if Ann had children at her [Ann's] death then Maria and her issue would be divided equally between those children. He also left Ann £20 p.a. currency until 25 (which he said would be in 1834). He said that the collection of money owed to him net of his own debts should amount to about £3000 sterling, to be invested at least at 6% p.a., the interest to be paid to his wife for life and then after his wife's death to his brother William, after servicing the annuities of £40 p.a and £20 p.a. to his sister and natural daughter. After William's death the principal and interest were to go to whoever his wife Margaret willed them to, and if she died intestate they were to go to the children of Joseph Nicholson planter of Nevis. His executors were his wife Margaret, his brother William, Joseph Nicholson planter and William Thomas Nicholson, the latter not further identified. The will was proved in London by William Thomas Nicholson.


  1. PROB 11/1635/328

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TNA PROB 11/1635/328 Will of Josiah Nicholson, Planter of Island of Nevis, proved 30 October 1820

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