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There were apparently several John Huggins on Nevis in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Besides John Huggins sr. of the Bath Hotel (d. 1824), there was Edward Huggins sr.'s son John jr. (d. 1822) and a John Huggins who operated a blacksmith shop in Charlestown together with Frederick Huggins, who may have been his brother. John and Frederick appear together frequently in the Nevis land records of that time. The John Huggins shown as returning the registration of Saddle Hill in 1828-1834 might well be the same man as in this entry.


Michelle Terrell (2001) The Family of Edward Huggins of Nevis, sourced (13/08/2015)

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Research by Michelle Terrell suggests that they may have been brothers, but no documentation has been found to prove this as yet. See...