William Harvie

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Owner of Unity Valley Pen and probably of Retreat Penn in St Ann and Great River in St James, all in Jamaica. Deceased by 1783 when the Unity Valley estate was in the possession of David and John Barclay as mortgagees; Retreat and Great River were held after 1786 by Walter Farquhar of London as mortgagee-in-possession.

Probably the William Harvie of St Dorothy, member of assembly for St Elizabeth in 1774 and 1781, who married Elizabeth Williams 24/05/1770 and died in 1783. The burial of William Harvie (Member of Assembly for St Elizabeth) was recorded in St Catherine, Jamaica, 28/02/1783. The Elizabeth Harvie [formerly of Jamaica but now of Great Marlborough Street] St James Westminster whose will was proved 30/10/1786 was possibly William Harvie's widow but more probably the widow of William's brother Alexander Harvie (q.v.): in her will she left her property to her brother-in-law Walter Farquhar surgeon in satisfaction of the debt she owed him.

The will of William Harvie of St. Catherine, was proved in Jamaica 10/04/1783.


Jamaica Archives IB/11/4/11 Crop Accounts 1779-1785.

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LOS 49.

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1783 [EA] - → Previous owner

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Inferred by LBS. Sir Walter Farquhar married Ann Harvie nee Stevenson, the widow of Dr or Thomas Harvie [Simon D. Smith at one point shows her probably erroneously as marrying Alexander...