Samuel Greatheed the elder

1752 - 1829


  1. Will of Samuel Greatheed of Landford Lodge, Wiltshire proved 17/08/1829. Under the will (made in 1823) he left portions of £24,000 to his younger children, as well as legacies of £4000 to the children of the late Sir George Cooper of Madras, and £4000 each to Sir George Cooper's brothers Samuel and Leonard. He left Arnos Vale on St Vincent in entail to his eldest son Samuel Greatheed and Belle Isle, which had belonged to Michael White deceased, to his youngest son John. In a codicil of 1826 he left £1500 in trust for his daughter Mary, wife of Barnard Trollope, and amended his will so that the produce of rum and sugar of his two estates up to his death should go into his residuary estate rather than the two respective heirs of the estates.


  1. PROB 11/1759/318.

Further Information

(1) Mary (2) Sophia White
Mary; John; Samuel; Sophia

Samuel Greathead (son of Craister Greathead of St Kitts), d.1829 File 1, p.1 – of Landford Lodge, Wilts - Wife Sophia appointed executor ‘during the time she shall continue unmarried and sole guardian of my children by her.’ - Eldest son Samuel and youngest son John appointed trustees of estates and executors of will.

Wife - Carriage with four wheels and any musical instruments I may have

  • Cousin Richard Wilson Greathead £500 ‘as a mark of my esteem and affection for him’

  • Edward [Cammy??] my manager and attorney in the island of St Vincent £500 ‘as a mark of my sense of his very valuable services’.

  • Eldest son receives Landford Lodge and all land in England and ‘the heirs of his body lawfully issuing’. o In default to next son and so on…  Split equally between any daughters

  • To eldest son ‘my [freeholds??] for [life??] at the Earldoms [Wilts] and all my linen, silver plate, household goods, furniture, wine and spiritnous liquors, coals, firewood, hay, corn stores and all my farming stock and utensils and horses of every kind together with my barns and granaries at my house at Landford.

  • To cousins Elizabeth Greathead annuity of £80; Mary Bertie Greathead annuity £80 – from the profits derived from late father’s share in a plantation in St Vincent called Arnos Vale and the stock thereof.

p.2 – To the lawful children of Sir George Cooper Knight late one of the judges of Supreme Court of Madras £4000 to be equally divided interest at rate of £4% p/a. - To Samuel Cooper – late surgeon in British army & brother of George Knight £4000; Leonard Cooper, captain in EIC Army adjutant of the Black Town, Madras brother of Sir George Cooper Knight £4000. p.3 – Estate of Arnos Vale – entitled to a moiety under will mother – other half owned by uncle William Crooke, who left it to Samuel in will. - Disposes of the whole estate – if needs be to cover legacies estates should be sold for £24,000 with money split between younger children o If they die before 21 money should go to their children or else be equally divided between surviving siblings. - If not sold it passes to ‘the use of my eldest son or such other my son lawfully begotten either by my late wife Mary Greathead or my present wife Sophia as shall first attain 21 – However, other children’s legacies from the divided £24,000 must be paid from Caribbean plantations. - Legacies to daughters should be independent of control by husband. p.5 – Entitled to an estate on St Vincent’s called Belle Isle late the property of Matthew White (deceased) and to the negroes and other slaves, stock and effects… Had been under an order of the court of chancery – left in entirety to youngest son John Greathead and heirs male. p.6 – Michael White’s estate still owes him a large debt from agreements entered into by father [Craister Greathead] – debts are passed to John Greathead to pursue as well as securities held for debts. - Eldest son to receive all unsold sugar, rum and molasses from Arnos Vale; from Belle Isle to John - I give and bequeath to Rev John Taylor Lamb Rector of [????] in City of York £100; Servant Elizabeth [Maney??] if she is living with me £20 annuity; servant John Lodge £100 if living with me. - All rest and residue to be equally divided between wife and children (not Mary as provision was made for her upon her marriage settlement] - Cancels debts of George and Samuel Cooper - Will written 26/5/1823 p.7 – Codicil – 22/9/1826 - Trustees charged with giving legacy of £1500 to eldest daughter Mary wife of Barnard Trollope – to be invested in Bank of England stock – to be independent of husband’s debts & liabilities. - Revokes bequest of sugar, rum, and molasses to sons and insists that it shall instead become part of the residue of the estate. Codicil 2 – 7/3/1827 - 1 years wages to James Webb butler & Mary [Rouping??] Dairy Maid; £25 to agricultural servant John Rice. Previous bequests to servants now void as they left employ. Codicil 3 – 12/11/1827 - £10 to footman James Rogers Codicil 4 – 6/11/1828 - £1000 to be held by trustees at the disposal of daughter Mary Trollope in addition to what has been given entirely free from husband Codicil 5 - Where he should be buried - £10 to servant Sophia Edsall

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Purchaser of 62 enslaved people on Lasource c. 1820: he moved them to his Arnos Vale and Belleisle estates on St Vincent

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Country house
Landford Lodge [Purchased] 
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Rebuilt by Sir William Heathcote c. 1776, bought (from Charles Spooner (q.v.)) by Samuel Greatheed the elder c. 1792, owned by the family until the c. 1848, after the death of the younger Samuel...

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Father → Son
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Landford Lodge, Salisbury, Wiltshire, South-west England, England