James Pinnock

???? - 1811


Returned Jamaica slave-owner.

  1. James Pinnock and his wife Elizabeth had four daughters baptised in St Catherine, Jamaica: Mary (1775), Elizabeth Favell (1776), Emma (1778) and Lucretia (1779). Father's occupation at each baptism given as Counsellor at Law.

  2. Will of James Pinnock of [Devonshire Place] Middlesex [made 05/12/1809] proved 26/04/1811. Under the will he left an annuity of £1200 p.a. to his wife Elizabeth secured on his Jamaica property, and £200 p.a. to his daughter Lucretia until she succeeded to her share of his residuary estate. He left an annuity of £50 p.a. to Mrs Truxton Dismore, the widow of James Dismore Pinnock and set aside £2000 for the support of Mary, daughter of James Dismore Pinnock. He directed that the produce of his estates continued to be consigned to Ebenezer Maitland, and that Thomas Mackenzie continue as his attorney in Jamaica. In a codicil of 1810 he said that given that he had settled £10,000 on each of his two married daughters and that his third daughter Lucretia remained unmarried, he provided her £4000. In a further codicil of January 1811 he made Ebenezer Maitland one of his trustees (the others included Matthew 'Monk' Lewis, q.v.).

  3. Two of his daughters had married into the Scott family: Elizabeth Favell married John Scott sen. (q.v.) and Mary married Matthew Henry Scott (q.v.). James Pinnock's grandchildren thus included John James Scott and George Henry Cussans Scott (each of whom q.v.). Lucretia Pinnock married John Philipps in 1816, and left a will dated 1839 made at Boulogne, where it was proved in 1840.


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  3. PROB 11/1928. in the will she left her estate to her daughter Catherine Elizabeth Sarah Philipps and then to the widow of her late cousin Philip Pinnock, subject to annuities of £100 p.a. to servants and what appears to be a companion. In a codicil she added an annuity of £60 p.a. to the governess of the children of Matthew Henry Scott - her nephews and nieces - at Lausanne.

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Elizabeth Dehany
Lucretia; Mary; Elizabeth Favell;

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