Henry Jones of Bloomsbury Square

???? - 1801


Father of Dame Harriet Mary Tierney and Anna Maria Tierney (both of whom q.v.). The two women with their respective husbands (who were brothers) claimed as creditors of the Douglas estate on St Kitts. The two women inherited £15,000 each under the will of their father, whose will makes no mention of mortgages over enslaved people or over West India property: he left his freehold real estate to his son William (then to his son Inigo and then to Harriet and Anna as tenants-in-common) and his leaseholds to his son Inigo, except his copyhold estate at Turnham Green which he gave to Sophia Thomas for life. He also left annuities of £300 to his son William's wife during her widowhood, and a total of £815 p.a.to several others, including members of the Moore family.

  1. Will of Henry Jones of St George Bloomsbury proved 30/09/1801.


  1. PROB 11/1362/311.

Further Information

Married but no further details
William; Inigo; Harriet; Anna

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Father → Daughter
Father → Daughter