Richard Tyrrell Barnes

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James Foster Groom was awarded the compensation as assignee of R.T. Barnes, owner of Ty[r]rell's estate in Antigua. Richard Tyrrell Barnes was the nephew of Admiral Richard Tyrrell (q.v., d. 1766). He was imprisoned for debt in the King's Bench prison at least twice (1794-1797 and 1802-1804), and was dead by 1821.

Sources, London, England, King's Bench and Fleet Prison Discharge Books and Prisoner Lists, 1734-1862 [database online]; Vere Langford Oliver History of Antigua Vol. 3 p. 118.

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At some point between 1766 and 1802, the death of Sarah Fulton, nee Aylon, legatee and widow of Admiral Richard Tyrrell, who had a life interest in the estate and the enslaved people attached to it, would have resulted in the transfer of ownership of Tyrrells to Richard Tyrrell Barnes.

1766 [SY] - → Tenant-in-tail or Remainderman

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Nephew → Uncle
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Richard Tyrrell Barnes was the namesake and heir of his uncle Admiral Richard Tyrrell....