Peter Holme

???? - 1780


Merchant and slave-trader of Liverpool. Co-owner with Thomas Southworth and then William Atherton of Green Park in Trelawny, and described as being in partnership with William Atherton (q.v.) in the ownership of Spring Vale Pen, although the nature of the partnership is not known.

  1. Peter Holme, son of William Holme, a grocer, born 1730/1 and died 1779, had investments in 50 slave trading voyages between 1750 and 1777. Mr. Peter Holme, Merchant, Liverpool, was a subscriber to two volumes of poetry in 1759. 24/06/1766: Articles of Partnership between the following Liverpool Merchants: William Davenport, Peter Holme, Thomas Hodgson, Ralph Earle, Thomas Earle, William Earle, John Copeland. For carrying on trade of selling beads, arrangoes, etc. Possibly this was an antecedent of Peter Holme's later partnership with William Atherton.

  2. Will of Peter Holme merchant of Childwall, proved 22/05/1780. The will, made in 1749, is five lines long and left everything to his sister Elizabeth Holme.

  3. Peter Holme's former partners, Arthur Boyer and Robert Kenyon, were bankrupt in 1783. Holme and Boyer had guaranteed an annuity granted by William Blake (q.v.) to William Webber (q.v.) secured on Dean's Valley Waterworks in 1775.


See entry for William Atherton.

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  2. PROB 11/1065/250.

  3. London Gazette 12496 25 November 1783 p.5.

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