Robert Richards

???? - 1796


Planter in Jamaica. William Hickey was hosted and helped by him in Jamaica in the 1770s. Brother of Fitzherbert Richards (q.v.), his main beneficiary. No mention of a wife or children in his will. According to Hickey, Richards had married a widow c. 1763 who died two years later, leaving him an estate in St Ann's worth £3000 p.a.; from a second marriage, again to a widow, c. 1765 until her death 10 years later he had inherited another estate, in St Mary, worth £6000 p.a. 'He was considered one of the best planters in Jamaica and being particularly fond of the business never spoke of returning to Europe.'


Spencer, Alfred (ed.), Memoirs of William Hickey, 4 Vols. [London, 1913-25] Vol. 2 pp. 24-26, p. 46.

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PROB 11/1277/24 - precis.

Robert Richards of the island of Jamaica but at present of Falmouth in Cornwall.

To my dearly beloved brother Fitzherbert Richards all my estate subject to all my just debts and the following annuities.

To my mulatto servant James Cargill Richards an annuity of £20.

To Mary Campbell, daughter of the late Donald Campbell by Jemima his wife now the widow of Thomas Caldborn an annuity of £100 to age 21 or marriage and then the lump sum of £1500.

To my niece Frances Richards, about 4 years of age, at present under the care of Mrs Penelope Matheres, milliner in Half New Street [?] £10,000 in addition to the £10,000 intended to be devised to her by my said brother in default of which I devise £20,000 to be paid to her at the discretion of my said brother.

My brother to be my sole executor.

Signed 13/07/1787.

Proved at London 04/07/1796 by Fitzherbert Richards. The probate of this will was voluntarily brought in and declared null and void, and another will proved in October 1798.

Robert Richards of the island of Jamaica.

To my dearly beloved brother Fitzherbert Richards all my estate subject to payment of all my just debts and a legacy of £1,000 to my great grand niece Mary Campbell and one other legacy of £500 to my great great grand niece Georgiana Richards Kelly Davies and £300 to the eldest son of Mary Warren my grand niece by Algernoon Warren Esquire and £100 to each of their four other sons.

To Algernoon and Mary Warren, £50 each to buy mourning.

To my godson Robert Kelly £500.

I wish my said brother to know the only reason why I don't chose to make any other disposal of my estate or give any other legacies in case of his death without issue is having high opinion and confidence I have in his making a more individus[?] disposal of it than I can do and I [?] him my said brother my sole executor. Until he shall appoint an attorney to act for him I hereby make my friends Philip Priobdsn[?] Kean Osborn, Benond[?] Jordon and my kinsman Caleb Tong executors.

Signed 30/08/1798,

Proved in London 20/10/1798.

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