John Ingram senior

???? - 1800


Co-owner of Harmony Hall in Jamaica and signatory of the 1783 address to George III from the West India proprietors residing in Great Britain and the merchants trading to those islands. He was the father-in-law of Joseph Travers of St Swithin's Lane (q.v.) and of Susanna Fletcher Ingram (q.v.).

  1. Harmony Hall was owned in 1798 by John Ingram senior (Scottish-born merchant of Brighton, Sussex) and his son Robert Ingram (merchant of Billiter Square, London, born in Scotland in 1759): "Deed between Robert Ingram of London, merchant and John Ingram of Brighton, co Sussex Esq. This relates to land and plantation sugar works in the parish of Trelawny in the county of Cornwall and Island of Jamaica and called Harmony Hall containing about 800 acres also 450 acres and called James's Valley. This is in fine state with signature and seal of Robert Ingram, dated 1798." John senior of Brighton, Sussex, died in 1800. His will was proved by his widow Janet Findlay; and mentions his son Robert (a merchant in London), son-in-law Joseph Travers (q.v., grocer, who had married Jane or Janet Ingram 14/03/1781). Robert Ingram, formally of Billiter Square London now of Bethnall Green Middlesex, died 10/02/1816: in his will he mentions his friend James Cunningham, one of his executors and also George and John Cunningham. Harmony Hall is shown as held by the Hon James Cunningham and George Cunningham up to and including the 1816 Jamaica Almanac: Joseph Travers first appears in the 1818 Jamaica Almanac.


  1. Vere Langford Oliver, Caribbeana being miscellaneous papers relating to the history, genealogy, topography, and antiquities of the British West Indies (6 vols., London, Mitchell, Hughes and Clarke, 1910-1919) Vol. 1 p. 20. PROB 11/1337/21 (John Ingram senior); [will of Robert Ingram?]. Jamaica Almanac (1816 and 1818). See the entry for Susanna Fletcher Ingram for more on the Ingram family.

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Janet Findlay
John, Archibald, Robert, Hugh, Jane or Janet

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1798 [EA] - 1800 [EY] → Joint owner

John Ingram's co-ownership is inferred.

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Father-in-law → Son-in-law
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Joseph Travers married Jane or Janet Ingram in 1781....
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Grandfather → Grandson
Father-in-law → Daughter-in-law
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Susanna Fletcher Townsend married John Ingram junior. Although genealogical material supports the identification of Susanna Fletcher Ingram the daughter-in-lw of John Ingram senior, the will of John...
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Father → Son

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Brighton, Sussex, South-east England, England