Stedman Rawlins II of St Kitts

???? - 1793


  1. Will of Stedman Rawlins of the island of St Christopher proved 20/10/1796. Under the will he left an annuity of £600 p.a., 'any six negroes' of those he possessed at the time of his death and £1000 to his wife Elizabeth Taylor Rawlins; he left £5000 to his daughter Ann Taylor, and £5000 each to any other surviving children. He identified his brothers as John, Richard, Henry and Joseph Rawlins. He left annuities of £15 p.a. to two 'mulatto' children Mary and Ann French. He said that his estate called The Walk, which he had bought of his father [also named] Stedman Rawlins, was indebted to Alexander Coats for £10,000 and a further £20,717 1s 3d to John Taylor, and he instructed that all his estates pay off that debt. He left the estate called Old Road in St Thomas parish St Kitts that he had lately bought from the Hon. James Verchild and that had been in the possession of Thomas Maitland late of Bath to his son Stedman Rawlins, as well as the Mornes estate previously the property of his [the testator's] father Stedman Rawlins, and two plantations he had leased, one from Lord Romney and Timothy Earle and one from John Pogson. He left his son William the estates called The Walk and Dry Hill and enslaved people on them in St Thomas, as well as a further plantation leased from Constantine Phipps. The attestation of the will by his brother Henry of Upper Charlotte Street gives a death date of December 1793.


  1. PROB11/1280/151.

See John Lisle's one name study, for more details on the Rawlins family.

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Stedman; William

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- 1793 [EY] → Owner
- 1793 [EY] → Owner

Under the will of Stedman Rawlins who died December 1793, although the will was only proved in 1796, Stedman Rawlins left The Walk estate [which he said he had bought of his father Stedman Rawlins I] to his son William [Wharton] Rawlins; it was heavily indebted to Alexander Coats and John Taylor.

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'Stedman Rawlins' appears as nephew and executor in the will of Joseph Rawlins of Baltimore made in 1793 but proved in 1796. Tentatively this has been identified as Stedman Rawlins II (who in fact...
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