Clement Caines

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Resident slave-owner and ameliorationist pamphleteer on St Kitts, owner of Dieppe Bay. To date no will has been found by LBS but the Slave Registers indicate that he died between 1817 and 1822. He was among the largest slave-owners on St Kitts but his estate seems to have been in financial difficulty in the 1820s.

  1. Son of Charles Caines who died on 17 January 1793. Clement's mother died at about the age of 70 on 25 August 1793. His brother Thomas predeceased them on 25 May 1792.

  2. Clement Caines wrote from St Kitts to Thomas Jefferson in 1811 forwarding his 1804 pamphlet The History of the General Council and General Assembly of the Leeward Islands, which were convened for the purpose of investigating and meliorating the Condition of the Slaves throughout those Settlements, and of effecting a gradual abolition of the Slave Trade (Saint Kitts, 1804).


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Letters on the Cultivation of the Otaheite Cane: The Manufacture of Sugar and Rum; The Saving of Melasses; The Care and Preservation of Stock; with the Attention and Anxiety which is Due to Negroes... 1801 
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In a 'Speech on the Slave trade' included in this volume, Caines called for the abolition of the slave trade, which he saw as a destabilising...

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