Dr Robert Garraway of Dominica

???? - 1830


Resident slave-owner on Dominica.

  1. Will of Robert Garraway of the island of Dominica proved 11/03/1831. He left several monetary legacies of £100-£200 each to god-children, friends and relatives on Dominica. He instructed his executors not to sell his estates (which he identified as the coffee estates called Mount Prosper and River Claire with 91 'slaves' and Cumberland Valley with 36 'slaves') for four or five years. He left an annuity of £200 p.a. to his reputed and natural son James Garraway of Roseau and freed Henry and Frances the two children of his 'deceased mulatto female slave' Sally; he also left £2000 in trust for the children of his son Robert of the Brig Betsy & Sophia. His residuary legatees were all the legitimate children of his brothers and sisters. In a codicil of 1830 he required that the legacy to his nephew Frederick Hervey Garraway [it's unclear whether this referred to 60 acres of land explicitly willed to Frederick Hervey Garraway or to his share in the residual estate, or both] be deducted from the £4650 owed by Frederick Hervey Garraway, the balance of which was to be repaid to the estate for the benefit of the children of Capt. Robert Garraway of the Brig Betsey and Sophia, 'he [Frederick Hervey Garraway] having taken care to help himself and act with the greatest ingratitude.'


  1. PROB 11/1782/435.

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James; Robert

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1817 [EA] - 1831 [EY] → Owner

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Uncle → Nephew
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