William Ross

???? - 1801


Planter in St Mary, Jamaica. Deceased by 1801.

  1. Will of William Ross of Jamaica, proved 1801. The will identified his brother as Robert Ross, and his daughter as Mary, wife of Oliver Hering.


  1. PROB 11/1355/237.

Further Information

Johanna Elizabeth
Mary Murray, Helen, Agnes

PROB 11/1355/237 - precis.

William Ross of St Mary, Jamaica.

To my beloved wife £1,500 sterling to be paid to her in 12 months after my deceased. Also to her all my household furniture, plate, carriages and horses (except my riding horse) and the free and full use of my dwelling house on Richmond plantation in St Mary and all the out offices thereto belonging with all such of my Negro slaves as at the time of my death shall have been employed as house negroes about the same (not exceeding 10 in number) together with as many plantains ground provisions and corn rum and sugar to be supplied and delivered to my with from all or any of my properties as she shall reasonably require for the use and support of her house servants, horses and stock. This not to bar her from her life rights of dower of an in my real estate.

To my brother Robert Ross Esquire £500 sterling.

To my son-in-law Oliver Hering Esquire £500.

To my friend James Lewis junior my riding horse.

My executors to take possession of my plantations, lands, slaves, stock and appurtenances belonging to my plantations and lands and to manage them to the benefit and advantage of my daughters and residuary devisees during the lifetime of my wife and that they from time to time pay over the remaining yearly proceeds after deducting the proportion my wife shall be entitled to on account of her dower or thirds therein to my daughters Agnes Ross, Mary the wife of Oliver Hering and Helen Ross: in equal shares between Agnes and Helen but as I have already settled upon Mary £500 currency per annum that sum should be deducted out of the proportion she would have been entitled to.

On the decease of my wife, my executors should sell all my plantations and other estate for the benefit of my daughters equally share and share alike including the £500 pa already settled on Mary. Should Oliver Hering not accept this settlement then £7,000 currency to be deducted from the total and shared equally between Agnes and Helen.

My wife Elizabeth Ross and my brothers Lieut. Col. Alexander Ross, Robert Ross and John Ross, my friends John Elmslie of Great Britain, John Rodon and James Lewis junior and my son-in-law Oliver Hering to be executors and guardians.

Signed 21/02/1794.

Proved at London 24/03/1801 by John Elmslie.


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