Anthony Yeates

???? - 1811


Resident slave-owner, shown in Monumental Inscriptions to have an inscription in the Churchyard of the Cathedral in Spanish Town on a stone for the Demarest family which gives him as having died 16/08/1811 aged 73 and shows it as placed by Ph. Yeates as the only surviving daughter of William Demarest (d. 1772) and Catherine Demarest (d. 1760).

  1. Ph. Yeates was Phillis Yeates, whose will [formaly (sic) of Jamaica but now residing at] Clfton [made in 1819] was proved 04/06/1821. She left £200 currency in trust to pay the interest for life to William Yeates, a freeman 'formerly the property of my late husband.' She left monetary legacies of £10-40 to among others James Lewis and his wife Ann, and to relatives of her late husband including the children of the deceased Thomas Yeates of Kendall.

Sources [accessed 18/08/2019]. Given the name of his estate (Kendal) and the presence in his widow's will of the late Thomas Yeates of Kendall, he was presumably connected to the Anthony Yeates of Kirkby Kendal whose will was proved 08/06/1837, PROB 11/1881/52.

  1. PROB 11/1645/35

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1785 [EA] - 1811 [LA] → Owner

Variously given as Yates, Yeats and Yeates.